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Since 2019, The Justly Project has led over a dozen initiatives supporting Filipino-American nurses, from filmmaking to philanthropy to research. Founder Elizabeth-Grace’s vision centers on the transformative power of oral history to enlighten, inspire, and uplift. See a timeline of her work below.


Sharing Stories Around The World
The Justly Project continues to share nurses’ oral histories, capturing tens of thousands of impressions and hundreds of likes and shares on social media.
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Filipino Global Summit presentation
Elizabeth-Grace delivers a podium presentation at the Filipino Global Summit IV, 13th International Nursing Conference based in Manila, Philippines (virtual)
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Coldiron Senior Nurse Fellowship Presentation
Elizabeth-Grace presents on oral history, philanthropy, and The Justly Project at the Coldiron Fellowship meeting in Rancho Mirage, California
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Coldiron x Justly Fellowship Success
PNAA President Mary-Joy Garcia Dia graduates as the first Coldiron X Justly fellow, and incoming PNAA President Gloria Beriones begins the second Coldiron x Justly fellowship in the 2022 cohort
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Oral History Interviews Featured In PNAA National Headquarters
SPARKJustly oral history interview footage is featured in the PNAA Legacy Headquarters in North Brunswick, New Jersey – see it yourself!
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Research Featured At ICN
PNAA President Dr. Garcia-Dia presents research based on SPARKJustly data at the International Council of Nurses
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Gold Sponsor For PNA-MDC
The Justly Project is a Gold Sponsor for the PNA-Metro Washington D.C. 50th Anniversary and Induction Gala
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SPARKJustly Season 2
Launch of season 2 of SPARKJustly oral history documentary series in collaboration with PNAA
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The Justly Project Receives Certificate Of Appreciation From PNANE
The Justly Project is honored with a Certificate of Appreciation from the PNA New England chapter for its oral history advocacy of Filipino-American nurses
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JULY 2021

Presentation At PNAA 42nd National Convention
Founder Elizabeth-Grace presented on The Justly Project’s work for Education Day at the PNAA 42nd National Convention
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JULY 2021

Gifts Delivered To Filipino-American Nurses On The Frontlines
The Justly Project delivered $10 and $100 gift cards to Filipino-American nurses to give back for their extraordinary service during the pandemic
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JUNE 2021

Sharing Stories Far And Wide
The SPARKJustly oral history collaboration hits an important milestone, posting its 200th interview clip on YouTube and marking over 55,000 impressions, 1,500 likes, and 700 shares on social media
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MAY 2021

APAICS Award and Recognition From President Biden
The Justly Project partner PNAA received an award at the 27th gala of the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies and was recognized by President Biden
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MAY 2021

The Justly Project Appears In The Manila Times
The Justly Project appeared in an article in The Manila Times spotlighting the PNAA and the “Heal Our Nurses” campaign
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MAY 2021

Nurses Month Tribute
Elizabeth-Grace thanks PNAA nurse partners for National Nurses Month 2021.
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SPARKJustly Season 1
Launch of season 1 of SPARKJustly oral history documentary series in collaboration with PNAA.
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Coldiron x Justly Fellowship Kickoff
PNAA President Mary-Joy Garcia Dia becomes the inaugural Coldiron x Justly Fellow in the 2021 cohort.
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S.P.A.R.K. Award
Founder Elizabeth-Grace was recognized by the PNAA for outstanding contributions to the Filipino-American nursing community
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PNAA Giving Tuesday 2021
Team Justly Project raised over $21,021 in support of PNAA’s “Heal Our Nurses” Giving Tuesday Campaign!
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World Premiere Of Documentary
Premiere of feature-length documentary Do Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly.
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