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Created to help the Filipino and Filipino-American nursing community.
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Founder's Message
Founded in 2019 by Massachusetts high-schooler Elizabeth-Grace, The Justly Project is an organization supporting the Filipino-American nursing community through oral history and storytelling. Learn more about our work here.
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The Justly Project’s first documentary captures the oral history of Elizabeth-Grace’s grandmother, a Filipino nurse (2019-2020). Since then, Elizabeth-Grace has partnered with the PNAA to launch SPARKJustly, an oral-history initiative capturing the stories of Filipino nurses from around the world (2020-2022).
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Elizabeth-Grace has compiled resources for those wanting to capture the oral histories of their own friends and family members.

With the PNAA, The Justly Project has also supported research using data from the SPARKJustly interviews.

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A priority of The Justly Project is empowering leaders from within the Filipino-American nursing community to be advocates in healthcare, government and business.

The Justly Project has partnered with the PNAA and the Marian K. Shaughnessy Nurse Leadership Academy at Case Western Reserve University to sponsor participation for PNAA nurse leaders in the Coldiron Senior Nurse Executive Fellowship program.

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Other Giving & Impact
We’ve engaged in many initiatives to support the Filipino-American nursing community, including raising over $21,000 for PNAA’s 2020 Giving Tuesday and leading a giving back campaign which provided gifts and support for Filipino-American nurses during Covid-19.

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